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Interest: My primary interest is writing and reviewing the works of others. I view myself as an author/ computer nerd, but to be honest im not much of a creator, simply don't have much of the spark. Something i do have a talent for and also enjoy is picking apart the works of others in trollish fashion, pointing out errors, missing words, frankenstein sentences (an author tries to write one sentence, before either rewriting it or changing his mind halfway) and the countless other ways an author can fail to get the message he wants across. All in good fun of course XD Book: Admiral who Lots of other books, but mostly fantasy/ seince fiction and litrpg (most of it is pretty bad with few really good writers. Still the genre is pretty new so i think that's acceptable, not to mention the land, which i personally think is awesome (mostly for the rts kingdombuilding stuff but still :)) )

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"Im a 28 year old guy from denmark, i have a normal family with a couple of sisters. As to interests i spend a lot of time outside working or just enjoying nature while seeking inspiration for my writing - not that im getting it done at all. I also like to critisize (lets be honest who doesn't XD) the works of others, so feel free to ask for critizism or if you prefer that word, "advice". To give fair warning, i've been called a "grammar nazi" and a "nit picker" by forces unnamed, so ill probably find most of the unreadable parts of anything put before me, including missing words and other errors, but ill probably also flag a bunch of stuff you don't feel should have been flagged. Still, better to be safe than sorry, especially if its something to be published later on. "

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