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By Caleb On Thu Aug 21, 2014, 11:24 pm Comments0

So we've launched a couple of books in the last few months, including two of my Cobalt Heresy novels, Admiral's Spine (book six in the Spineward Sectors novels), No Middle Ground (book one of the spinoff series 'Middleton's Pride') and a handful of novellas including The Harbinger (Cobalt Heresy), The Price of Enlightenment Parts One and Two (also CH), and The Purge (again, CH).

So it's been a busy couple of months for us here at Pacific Crest Publishing on the writing front, and in the art department we've expanded from one to two in-house artists with the newcomer tackling 3D artwork using a variety of programs - most of which are free for commercial use while the rest we have purchased licenses to use - and he's taking big bites out of it every day. Hopefully sometime in the next month or so we will produce our first high-quality headshots, busts, and action poses for some of the characters we've written about in our various books.

Over in the digi-paint portion of our team, we've begun providing covers for Christopher G. Nuttall on several of his books, including his upcoming entry in The Empire's Corps titled The Thin Blue Line, which will be book nine(!) in that series. That many is on an absolute roll, having released the Ark Royal trilogy earlier this year to astounding success, along with a handful of other titles which were spectacularly well-received. We're glad for the opportunity to work with Mr. Nuttall and hope we can continue to provide artwork for him for years to come!

I also purchased an annual subscription to Grammarly, which is an online grammar checker, and I'm really hoping to incorporate it into my editing program to streamline that aspect of the process. So far, so good!

I've written about fifty thousand words on the sequel to No Middle Ground, and this entry will be titled 'Up The Middle.' I've stalled out on it the last week or so, mostly because of the work I've been putting in with the artists, but I'm hoping to get my engine restarted after this weekend!

That's a status update for us here at PCP. Let us know if there are any questions, comments, jokes, or criticisms :)
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