Admiral Invincible Part 1

By The Deposed King On Thu Jul 10, 2014, 10:34 pm Comments0

Okay update time: Decided to split the book into two parts and finished the rough draft of part 1. So by next week I'm 'hoping' to have sat down with the brother and run through the first edit pass and have it ready to have it put up on this sight.

Things are subject to change of course. Caleb is working on a new shared universe assassin book set in Chris Nutal's the Imperium Secret Service setting. I plan to write up a book in that shared universe as well at some point. If I can ever find the time.

But anyway, that's the update. Rough draft came in at 118k and while I want to spin up a couple sneak peek chapters and maybe weave in a few more spalding, the end point has arrived! What a relief.

The Deposed King
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