5-7-2014 Update

By Caleb On Tue May 6, 2014, 4:31 pm Comments0

So I'm over halfway done with the edit on The Painting, book two in Rise of the Witch Guard, and we're aiming for a late-this-month release. Be sure to check here for updates, as well as follow Josh on Facebook. We should have a Witch Guard Facebook group made up shortly, so you can get all your Falon updates there!

No Middle Ground has been in the grinder for longer than I thought, but I suppose deadlines are made to be broken ;) Still, we'll be releasing it shortly. We just need to make sure there aren't any continuity/canon contradictions and smooth out a few sticky patches. Then it's straight to Amazon with it!

I'm going to start writing on Retribution, book three in my fantasy series, The Cobalt Heresy. After I've got that one finished I'll be releasing all three books in that series simultaneously while working on book four and accompanying companion material. There are four mainline books in that particular story, which is set in a universe under the name 'Seeds of Humanity.' It's a huge story I want to tell, and four books (plus at least three more worth of companion material in novellas, short stories, and prequels) just barely scratches the surface.
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