Middleton's Pride: No Middle Ground update

By Caleb On Tue Apr 22, 2014, 5:13 pm Comments2

The book weighs in at just over 130k words, which makes it a standard Spineward Sectors-sized entry. The story covers the six months between Jason's field commissioning Middleton to the rank of Captain and sending him out on a one month patrol, and when Middleton brings a whole new world of trouble to Jason's doorstep.

I think the cast of new characters is an interesting one, although Terrence Spalding will always remain my own personal favorite in the universe ;)

There's gobs of space combat, there's a couple of nifty Lancer actions, and there's smashball.

Oh yes...there's smashball!



You two must be real close to be able to make something like this!
Really enforces my belief that the birth of you two was not by chance! This, by the Will of Murphy, happened for a reason!

In short, awesome news, keep it up, and gimmeeee mooooreee! (Now I got two pepz supplying me my 'fix' instead of just one! :D )

N.1 Euro fan (Does this mean I'm a fan of the two of you individually, or together? Hmm.. So it should be:
N.1 Caleb Euro Fan
N.1 Deposed Euro Fan
.. Naw, I'll roll with N.1 Euro Fan, simpler :) )
... (To much thinking.. need mah 'fix'! )

By Emil On Sun Apr 27, 2014, 1:55 am Yep Nope Reply

It's great to have you as a fan, Emil

In fact, I think we should make you a test subject of sorts. If you have a Facebook account why don't you friend Josh and I? We can go from there...but I've got an idea or two for some recurring characters in the Sphereworld story if you're interested. You prefer to be a good guy or a bad guy? Fair warning: I tend to kill both, haha.

By Caleb On Sun May 4, 2014, 9:35 pm Yep Nope Reply
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