Middleton's Pride: No Middle Ground

By Caleb On Mon Apr 7, 2014, 6:12 pm Comments1

So I'm 107k words into No Middle Ground, a story set within the Spineward Sectors which runs parallel to the Spineward Sectors novels written by my brother, Joshua Wachter under the pen name Luke Sky Wachter.

The story is military science fiction (obviously?) slash space opera, and I really hope to balance the two throughout the series. The setting probably leans a little more heavily toward the 'military' end of the spectrum than my brother's mainliners, but writing it I got the clear feeling that this was closer to a gritty Star Trek story than it was Warhammer 40k.

Captain Middleton was given command of an old, outdated, sluggish Heavy Cruiser after Admiral Montagne seized said cruiser from a certain, odious Captain who had betrayed Admiral Montagne almost as soon as he had met him. The name of the place. Is Pride of Prometheus. (/babylon5)

I'm hoping that it will become its own sub-series/parallel series which can explore the goings on in the Spineward Sectors which Jason & Co. don't get the chance to see. I also wanted to show the diversity of cultures and give a little perspective on the constituent members of the Confederated Spine, while painting a picture of some things to come...as well as some things that have already happened, which until now, nobody outside of Sectors 23 & 24 have been aware.

Anyways, I'm looking at another ~week to finish the rough draft, then it's going to be one more week after that to get the editing pass finished. Barring major setbacks, expect it to his shelves sometime late this month!


As an addenndum

This particular story was written as a companion, parallel piece with the potential to spin off onto its own parallel, related storyline if readers enjoy it enough. I've introduced a diverse cast of characters which I think can grow into a really interesting crew, but I didn't leave too many loose threads story-wise; the story was mostly about things we have recently learned about, with a few extra surprises tossed in as well as a some solid foreshadowing for the challenges that await Jason & Co. in Admiral Invincible.

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