Sphereworld; Joined at The Hilt: Union is e-published!

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So, I finally did it. I didn't want to, of course...but when the moment of truth arrived, I felt I had little choice but to take the plunge. Is it everything I hoped it would be? Probably not. Did it turn out exactly the way I planned? Nope. At first glance, it would seem to be something of a disappointment.

But honestly, I've never seen this particular story told before. Parts of it will be familiar, and parts of it will be completely new (at least, I hope they will; art is pretty much purely evaluated through the eye of the beholder...or something)

Our main character is Randall, who's a 'half-elf' (a term coined by a particularly bigoted human civilization known as the Federation), and he's pretty much as far from heroic as you can get. He's got a good heart, and he really does want to do what's best, but he's also pretty naive and more than a little sour about life in general.

His life is pretty dreary, with the occasional highlight coming by way of the occasionally generous tip from one of his tricks (he moonlights as a gigolo for Federation women who go in for that sort of thing). Just when he thinks things can't get any worse he gets thrust into a situation which actually gives him a way out - and he takes it.

Being a city boy, he has absolutely no idea how to survive outside the walls of Three Rivers, his hometown, but he still sets off in search of a new life with a mysterious, enchanted sword at his side that is definitely more than meets the eye (no, that was not a Transformers hint of any kind. sorry if I got you excited there).

Over the course of his adventures, he'll discover more about his lineage, the history of his world, and more than a few dark, terrible truths about those who now control his world.

It's times like these when a person needs a good friend...


I'm running a one-day free promotion

on Amazon.com for Union scheduled for April 10, according to Amazon's system. But since I'm in the Philippines, I'm not sure if that means the 10th here or the 10th in the USA.

So if you're interested in picking up a copy (and hopefully leaving a review afterward;) ) then keep your eyes peeled!

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