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All our book conversions are done on Calibre. The tool is free and can output in a number of formats.


1. Create an account in Nook Press -
2. Fill in the necessary fields and submit.
3. Verify your account by clicking the confirm link sent to your email.
4. After the verification, login back to your Nook press account.


1. On your Nook press dashboard, click the button "Create New Project" found at the top left.

2. Add a Project Name and follow the next instructions.

3. You can then Upload your Manuscript file by clicking the circle icon with an arrow up image. Choose an epub file on your computer to upload.

Note: You can upload a Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx), .txt, .rtf, .htm, .html, or .epub manuscript file. Once uploaded, you can edit the text in the Manuscript Editor, invite collaborators to read your Manuscript, and preview the NOOK Book as it will appear on NOOK.

Once you’ve uploaded your manuscript file, you can edit it using the Manuscript Editor or publish as-is. File size limit: 20MB. For best results, format your file according to our guidelines: doc/docx, txt, html, epub.

4. Next, add a cover image.
Nook Press accepts jpg, or png files between 5KB and 2MB. Height and width recommendation is at least 1400 pixels. Remember, you must have the rights to use any image that you upload.

Please note also that once you have selected a cover image to upload, a popup message will ask you this-- "Would you also like to add this cover image to your Manuscript?". I will click Yes if my epub file doesn't have a cover image added to it. No if you already have the image on your epub. Clicking yes even if you already have the cover image on your epub will duplicate the cover image in your Manuscript. You can always remove the cover image and upload another one and click No.

5. Next add your Nook Book details. Title, description, publisher info, categories, rights and pricing, and other information.

6. After that, you will be prompted to apply a Vendor Account. Your Nook book will never be processed if you do not have an approved Vendor Account. Creating one takes about 4 hours approval waiting time.

7. On the Vendor Account, setup your Contact information, Publisher information and Payment & Tax Information. Your status will be noted. Check back every hour if the status changed.

8. So, once your Nook Vendor Account is approved, click the Publish button so your book will be processed to live publishing. Approval may take 24-48 hours.

9. Check the Publish Actions project status. You will know if the book got approved when it is found in the On Sale link.

More help about Nook Press Books can be found here:
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