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Here's a comprehensive guide on how you can sell your books or ebooks to Google Play

First step is to convert your .docx file to an epub file. We used Calibre, which is free and can output in a number of formats.

Google accepts a PDF format also. You can upload both epub and pdf book formats.

1. Create your Google Play Books account on this link Submit the form and verify your account.

2. After the completed verification, login back. Setup your Account Settings first, then Save when finished.

3. Setup your Payment Profile in Payment Information. Add a Payment Profile and Sales Territories.

4. Add a Book on Book Catalogue

a. Click the Add Books button, then select Add Book
b. Then click on the link to edit the book information
c. Fill up the Book's General details, Google Play settings, Google Book settings and Content files.
d. On Content files, upload your book. Before uploading the file. Make sure it is an ePub or PDF file. I suggest that you upload both. Google accepts those file types.

Supported file types and sizes
- Currently, only EPUB and PDF files can be uploaded
- Up to 1,000 files can be uploaded to your account
- Files can be up to 50 MB in size
- Certain types of content (e.g., audio, video) may not be supported
- DRM-protected files are not supported

To know if your upload was successful, just click back the Book Catalogue link and see the Status. If pending, it means the upload was successful and the files is sent for review. If it says Needs Action, then you will need to fix the errors indicated on the status.

When everything is okay. The status of the Book title becomes "Live on Google Play".


This is the error we had when we uploaded our book Admiral Who?.
Error: Unable to sanitize epub

So how to fix this?
On your Calibre converter tools, add a book. Make sure it is a .docx file, then convert to generic output. This solved our error. Hope it will work on you.

Troubleshooting file uploads: Source: Google Play Books
-Verify that you are uploading PDF or EPUB files
-Make sure your files don't exceed the 50 MB/file limit
-If you can't select a PDF or EPUB file from Google Drive, try downloading and uploading the file from your computer.
-If you see an error message that a file cannot be processed:
Check if you're uploading a valid EPUB or PDF file. For EPUB files, you can use a file validator ( available online
-Try converting the EPUB files to PDFs using 3rd party tools before uploading them
-If a file is processed and doesn't appear immediately in your account:
-Make sure you're signed into the same account
-Check your internet connection to make sure you're online
-If you're using the Google Play Books Android app, select Menu > Refresh from the app home screen

-Upload your personal documents to Google Play, and read them anywhere.

-Keep up to 1,000 EPUB or PDF files in Google Play for free.
-Upload from your computer or import from Google Drive.
-Read anywhere: in the web browser, on Android phones and tablets, or with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
-Page position, bookmarks, and notes are synced to the cloud, so you can pick up reading where you left off.
-File size can't exceed 50MB, and it may take a few minutes to finish processing before you can read.
-Make sure you have the appropriate rights to the uploaded content.

Definition of Terms

ePub: ePub is an open-standard file format for digital books.

The benefit of the ePub format is that it allows a book's text to adjust or "reflow" automatically to different screen sizes, including netbooks and e-reader devices. We often refer to ePub files as "flowing text". ePub files may be as large as several megabytes (MB) in size. For some books on Google Play, only the PDF (scanned pages) is available and not the ePub.

PDF: PDF is a file format which presents the book in its original layout and visual formatting. These files are generally larger in size -- anywhere from a few megabytes (MB) to over 100 MB, depending on the length and content of the book -- and the text doesn't adjust to fit the device or computer on which you are reading. We often refer to PDF files as scanned pages.

More help about Google Play Books can be found here
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