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All our book conversions are done on Calibre. The tool is free and can output in a number of formats.


1. Create an account in Apple iTunes Connect -

2. Complete your signup application, fill in the necessary fields and submit. Applications are reviewed in approximately two business days.

3. Verify your account by clicking the confirm link sent to your email.

4. After the verification, login back to your iTunes Connect account.


1. On your iTunes Connect dashboard, click the link "Deliver your Content". We suggest that you also download and read the pdf guide for "Using iTunes Producer 2.9 for Books ".

2. Download the iTunes Producer 2.9.1 (version number may change anytime).
You will upload your epub file using this tool. You can install and run this tool on the Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

More information:
iTunes Producer 2.9 (iTP) for books is a tool to help you prepare publication content for sale in the iBookstore.

Using iTP, you can import your publication (book or textbook), enter book details, upload cover art and
screenshots, and send your book and all your prepared files as an iTunes Store Package (iTP package) directly
to Apple’s iBookstore.

Note: Textbooks are not available in all markets, check the Contact Us page in iTunes Connect for up-to-date information.

System Requirements
iTunes Producer 2.9 for books requires a Macintosh with an Intel Core processor, at least 512 MB RAM, and Mac OS X v10.6 or later installed.

Apple recommends at least 20 GB of available space (more for larger content) and a broadband Internet connection with an upload rate of 1MB/sec or faster.

Supported Formats
iTunes Producer 2.9 (iTP) for books supports EPUB 2, EPUB 3, and Multi-Touch formats with the appropriate file extensions (.epub and .ibooks).

Cover art (also known as a marketing image or jacket) should be at least 1400 pixels along the smaller axis and must be a JPEG or PNG file in RGB Color mode. For an average trade paperback, this could be 1400 x 1873 minimum size, as the books are generally taller than they are wide. For best results, deliver the largest pixel dimensions possible.

3. Start your iTunes Producer 2.9 for Books
a. After installation, open the tool and login using your iTunes Connect login information.
b. Read the Software License Agreement, and then click Accept. iTP opens the "Welcome to iTunes Producer” window.

4. Create your Book Package using the iTunes Producer
a. Click the button "Create New Package".
b. Select New Book and then click Next.
c. Begin to input your book information in the Book pane (title, description, publisher, categories, author, target audience, rights and pricing, etc).
d. Use the Assets pane to add or replace epub files, cover art and screenshots.
e. Use the Delivery pane to determine delivery errors or success.

5. Deliver your Book Package
When you are sure publication details are complete and correct, including all asset files, you can send your book and all your prepared files as an iTunes Store Package (iTP package) to iTunes for processing.

To deliver a package:
a. Click the Delivery pane for your book in the iTunes Producer 2.9 (iTP) for books window. iTP processes all the publication details and displays any warnings or errors.

b. Fix any delivery warnings or errors. Double-click on a warning or error to have iTP jump to the exact location of the problem.

c. Click Deliver again after fixing all the warnings or errors.

Important Notes:
- If you do not repair an invalid EPUB file or sample file before delivery, iTP reports the error in the Delivery pane and displays the Repair button in the Assets > Publication pane. Click the Repair button to validate and repair the EPUB file or sample file. You cannot deliver your book to iTunes for processing with an invalid EPUB file.

- iTP packages all your publication details and prepared files into an iTP package and sends it to the iBookstore.

- You can also choose File > “Save and Deliver” to save and package all your publication details and prepared files into an iTP package and send it to the iBookstore. Or, to send multiple packages at once, choose File > “Save and Deliver All”. iTP saves and packages all your publication details and prepared files, for all open iTP windows, into iTP packages and sends them to the iBookstore.

- iTP plays an alert sound and displays a green checkmark when the package delivery is complete. If iTP encounters an error during delivery, iTP plays an error sound and bounces the iTP icon in the Dock.

Other Notes:
- Apple recommends using the 13-digit ISBN number. Although optional for delivering your book to the iBookstore, ISBN numbers are often required for reporting your book's sales back to the industry reporting agencies and for charting on national charts.

- To avoid import warnings and errors, be sure descriptions are no more than 4000 bytes, in Rich Text formatting, and suitable for public display. Note that 4000 bytes is approximately 2000 characters, depending on the language. The book description requires a minimum of 50 characters.

- Only include fields for the data you want to import. iTP imports empty or blank fields as blank data and overwrites any existing data.

- All rows of data must be contiguous. To import data successfully, there can be no blank rows of data between any two rows of data.

- Choose a region where you have rights to sell the book from the Territory pop-up menu.

- Apple recommends delivering files less than 200 MB as users can run into trouble downloading files greater than 200 MB, 2 GB is the file limit. In addition, in many markets, 20 MB is the file limit for cellular networks.


On your Browser, login back to

Go to "Mange Your Books"
You should be able to see the book you have uploaded using the iTunes Producer tool. Please take note of the status.

What are the different statuses in the Manage Your Books module?

On Store: The book is available on iBooks. If the book has a status of “On Store”, has passed its sales start date and is still not available on iBooks, it may still be processing. Check back in 24 hours.

Ready for Store: The book has been successfully received by iBooks and is ready for release but has not approached its designated sales start date. It is ready for release onto iBooks when the sales start date approaches.

Not On Store: The book is not available on iBooks for one or more reasons. To find our why your book is not available and what action you must take, if any, to make the book live, click See Details. A frame will be displayed at the bottom of the page which will provide further status information for each territory.

How can I check the status of my book?
You can see the status of your book in the Manage Your Books module. The status of your book will not change until it has been reviewed by iTunes Content Control. To see if your book is currently in review, see the status reason on the Book Details page in the Manage Your Books module. If the reason for the Not On Store status is listed as Book In Review, your book is currently in review.

How can I make changes to the description of my book that is available on iBooks?
 If your book is available on iBooks, you can edit the book description on the iTunes Connect website. To edit your book description, select your book from the Manage Your Books module and click Edit in the Metadata section. Changes must be approved by iBooks Content Control. Approved changes will be visible on iBooks within 24 hours after the review is complete.

Can I make updates to my book while it's in review?
 You can use iTunes Producer to make changes to the book’s metadata or assets while the book is in review. Any changes made will overwrite the existing book package. After you redeliver the book's metadata or asset, your book will restart the review process.

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